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LYSC Travel Program

Player Evaluation Overview


LYSC evaluations include all girls and boys entering grades 3 through 8 in Fall 2021. Evaluations will take place during the week of May 24, 2021 and will be conducted by Aztec coaches.


All LYSC travel teams will be organized based on the evaluation scoring. The following three evaluations will be considered in forming teams in the fall.


  1. Coaching Staff Evaluation – 50%

This score will be completed by the player’s team coaching staff. Coaches are asked to evaluate the overall ability of the player including technical skills, tactical skills, athletic ability, attitude, and commitment.


  1. Skills Evaluation - Aztecs – 25%

The Revolution Academy will manage this training session focused on individual player technical skills. These include, but are not limited to dribbling, passing, shooting, small sided games, and other drills to help assess individual player ability. Players will be assessed a score by the Revs Academy coaches. There will be no involvement by LYSC personnel during this evaluation.

  1. Tactical Evaluation – Selection Committees  – 25%

A group of LYSC evaluators will assess players during a controlled scrimmage. Players will be playing in appropriate game-like situations in regards to grade level travel rules. Evaluation teams will be formed prior to the scrimmage. They will be responsible for organizing the teams, managing the game, and making changes throughout. Players will receive a score in categories such as positioning, defensive awareness and recovery, offensive awareness and counter attack, possession, distribution, speed of play, and aggressiveness.


Fall to Spring Season

Please note that Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club may need to move players from team to team from Fall to Spring season. Team formation for a given season is based upon, but not limited to, number of teams, number of registrants, and skill of player. Any change from Fall to Spring season can result in team formation differing from the previous season.