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Mask Policy (updated 5/1/21)

All LYSC soccer games are considered "events" and therefore spectators and players are still required to wear masks. For more information as to the Town of Lynnfield standards, please watch a video from the Town of Lynnfield Emergency Management Team: CLICK HERE.


Board of Directors Message  

Follow this link for an important message from the Board of Directors. Message.docx


Quick Covid Reminders

1. Every Team is required to have a coordinator who shall provide contact information (email, home and cell) to LYSC. COVID Coordinators shall be MYSA certified and CORI checked. the Coordinator shall have the ability to be on both the player and parent sideline. 
2. Each Coordinator shall make sure that all parents have read the new LYSC Return to Play COVID Policy, and then signed and returned the applicable forms to them. Please send an email to Rob Ozanian at   once all forms are complete and in hand. Hold the forms for the season.
3. Maintain attendance at all practices, training sessions and games. To the greatest extent possible, please include parents on game attendance logs.
4. Make sure parents understand to hold their child out if symptoms are present; if their child has been placed in quarantine; or if others in the household are COVID positive or showing symptoms.
5. What happens if there is an issue? ... Have the COVID Team Coordinator contact Rob Ozanian or John Scenna ( ) immediately; or a COVID Team Coordinator may be contacted by them or the Town of Lynnfield Board of Health or School Department.
6. Rosters and impacts due to Covid? If a team is impacted by COVID (positive players or players in contact tracing protocols) AND can not field a team with the minimum number of required per each grade level, please contact your grade group director or travel director Dan Daley. 
7. Players are encouraged to bring their own bag or cinch sack to keep their belongings in and water.
8. Masks worn at all times. They must be of the ear loop style; they can not be worn not around the chin; coaches should carry some extra disposable ones; players are encouraged to bring extra mass in their bags. 
9. Sidelines are encouraged to be neat and organized. Bags must be 6 feet apart on the sideline. Coaches can either spread players out with cones or use fence lines to spread players out for water breaks.  
10. Players should have their own sanitizer in their bags and use it prior to games, at halftime and after games
11. There will be NO snacks or sharing of food of any kind at any age group. 
12. There should be no sharing of pinnies .. if a player is assigned one by the coach, make sure it is at all practices, training and games. Or coaches can use them at games/activities and then bring home to wash. No sharing at any time.
13. No sharing of water and no spraying of each other along the sidelines. 
14. Unfortunately, no celebrations and hand slapping; no end of the line exchange of handshakes BUT please find a way to express sportsmanship. 
15. Capacity at most full size fields is capped at 150 people. This typically translates to a 2 spectator per player guideline. As the larger field is reduced to smaller fields for lesser grade games, the per player guidance could reduce as well. Some towns may also have more stringent rules in this regard as well dependent on restrictions they may have on their permits. Please be observant of these guidelines both home and away. Spectators should be six feet apart at games sitting with their household members. 
16. Coach  talks with their teams should always take place with ALL participants masked. 
17. There are NO pandemic related restrictions on the rules to the game at any grade. 
Return to Play Guidelines
Please click the below link for the LYSC Return to Play Guidelines.  Please print and return applicable pages to your team's Covid Coordinator prior to the first practice. COVID Spring 2021.pdf 2021 Participant Form with Signature.docx


Superintendent Letter to Youth Sports Updated (1) (1).pdf